• Does Putin Love Russia?

    As of this writing Putin is trying to conquer Ukraine. He may think he does. I think he wants to love his country but he doesn’t know how. Putin would claim to love something called Russia. He wants to make Russia safe. He wants to increase the status of Russia so that each individual Russian […]


  • The Three Wise Men

    All ideologies that have become well known have good qualities. That is how they become popular enough to become well known.  All ideologies are also subject to being infiltrated and taken over by predators. The predators then use their positions of power to promote the ideology in a way that favors themselves. In the interests […]

  • About Packs

    A wolf love story I lifted the information below from the website Wolves and Moose of Isle Royal. The web page that I used is: https://isleroyalewolf.org/overview/overview/wolves.html. I would also like to express my thanks and admiration for the good people who made the Wolves and Moose of Isle Royal website. Thank you to all people […]

  • Russia, Putin and Pack Behavior

    About six weeks ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. The war in the Ukraine is a textbook example of Alpha Predator behavior. What happened to the Russian pack is what happens to every pack, a predator rose to the position of Alpha. For Predators being the Alpha of a pack is not enough, even a large pack […]

  • The Spectrum of Moral Development

    The spectrum of moral development ranges from predator to parent. There are people who see all relationships in terms of Predator and Prey. There are other people who behave rationally. They still seek to use other people like predators do but they don’t destroy them. They form pack relationships. For many people the highest level […]