Do people even know how to be good?

Would think someone was a good person who was rude? What if they were rude to someone who was a guest in their own house? What if they were a paying customer in your business?

One of the things your mother will tell you is to not date someone who is rude to restaurant staff. Someone who treats staff poorly will treat you poorly too. My wife told my daughters to watch how a man treats his mother. If he treats his mother because he will treat you the way he treats his mother. This is not deep wisdom; this is common sense. It is like being told to not trust people who lie. If they lie to other people they will lie to you too.

I write to my own community. That is the Christian community and in some cases to those who have Christian sympathies. I’m not convinced that even Christians know how to be good people. I don’t mean that they are not trying. I believe they just haven’t been taught.

We live in a time when rudeness is promoted. Disloyalty is promoted. Self-centeredness is promoted. It is done in the name of self-esteem or self-advocacy. Christians are learning these values unconsciously. They need to be unlearned consciously.

One of the problems with the evangelical churches is that they are small businesses trying to attract customers. They sell an easy grace, Jesus loves you and all that. It is true that Jesus loves you but be loves you like a good teacher. He wants you to learn his lessons so you will be a better person. Like a good teacher he gives tough assignments. He can be hard on people if necessary.

Being a good person in a world of not-bad people is hard enough. Being a good person in a world of evil people is very hard. When Christian salespeople make it seem like being a Christian is easy, they are being deceptive. Predators deceive. Being a predator is bad. It is the definition of bad. If someone is a Christian teacher they should know that deceiving is a sin. If they do not, should you be listening to them?


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